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Safe and Effective Buttock Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Turkey that can help people achieve more plump, well-rounded, and lifted buttocks.

Age, pregnancy, frequent weight loss, and other reasons can cause buttocks to go flat or wider over time. You can reach out to Sublime Clinic for patient-centric buttock surgery in Turkey, carried out by an experienced and skilled team.

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What is Buttock Surgery?

Buttock surgery is commonly known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), which is a body sculpting treatment that involves liposuction of body fat from the lower belly, thighs, hips, and lower buttocks.

It is a non-surgical procedure conducted under local or general anaesthesia. With the use of specially engineered needles, fat cells are drawn to particular sections of the body and then reintroduced in those areas. There is no need for incision, and it leaves no visible scars.

Without the use of implants, buttock surgery is performed utilising your own natural fat. Therefore, it allows patients to reverse the symptoms of ageing and boost their confidence.


How Does Six-Pack Surgery Work?

How does Buttock Surgery in Turkey work?

BBT is performed in three stages by our expert surgeons at Sublime Clinic – liposuction, fat preparation, and fat injection. The excess fat is removed from your abdomen or thighs by liposuction, produced fat is purified and then injected into your buttocks.

Let’s understand our buttock surgery procedure in detail.
• Liposuction – Our team will first determine and mark the harvest and target areas of your body. Once you are given anaesthesia, necessary incisions are created for liposuction.

• Fat Preparation – Fat is broken down with tumescent fluid, high-pressure water jet, or vibration and drained from the body via a cannula. Then harvested fat cells are treated to remove impurities such as blood and excess fluid.

• Fat Injection – Our surgeon will inject harvested healthy fat cells into your butt. To create the desired shape, tone, and form, fat tissue will be injected into pre-determined areas of the buttocks. Once the desired shape is achieved, we will close the incisions.

When will you see the Results?

As buttock surgery is a complex and invasive surgery, you need some patience to see results after the treatment. Even though you will notice increased volume and round shape, wait for bruising and swelling to go down before you see the final outcomes. This process can take up to 3-6 months.

At Sublime Clinic, we use the best-in-class equipment, practices, and expertise to provide you with exceptional buttock surgery in Switzerland and Istanbul, Turkey. We take care of both pre-and post-treatment and advice follow-ups to achieve faster recovery.

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If you are planning to have buttock surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, Sublime Clinic is among the best options. Our passionate team will be thrilled to provide you with insightful knowledge about the process and before/after expectations.

Please feel free to ask any questions in this regard and get a butt lift surgery performed by well-trained and experienced plastic surgeons.

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Remember, six pack operation isn’t a lifelong solution. It is advised to pay attention to your nutrition and exercise routine to preserve the results.