Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation that aims to change the size or shape of the nose. Thanks to our modern equipment and the application of innovative methods, we guarantee you a high quality service.

Duration of the intervention
Between 6 months and 1 year after the intervention

How does rhinoplasty work in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty is most often performed under general anesthesia. This is how a rhinoplasty is performed:

  • Premedication and preparation in room, with fasting of minimum 6h
  • Preparation for general anesthesia in the operating room
  • Surgical operation, which includes cleaning of the face and nose, additional local anesthesia, incisions, correction of bone and cartilage deformities, final regularization, finishing with sutures and dressings
  • After the operation: even if the postoperative plan varies according to the patient, the pain is normally non-existent or very moderate. Eyelid swelling lasts for 2 to 4 days. The dressings will be removed after 6 days.

Rhinoplasty is an extremely delicate operation because it occurs on the face. It takes about a year for a full recovery and to appreciate the final result of your rhinoplasty.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our doctors are at your entire disposal for a telephone consultation.


Rhinoplasty in Turkey - Our post-operative advice

Rhinoplasty is the most delicate and technical of all cosmetic surgery procedures. However, the risk of complications is very low. Here are some tips to ensure a good recovery following your operation:

  • Sleep with your head elevated for at least the first week after the procedure
  • Place the treatments on the nose for the month following the recovery plan to help the skin heal
  • Avoid steam baths and saunas
  • Avoid violent sports
  • Avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight
  • Avoid drinks that are too hot
  • Stop smoking to avoid complications and prolong the effect of surgery
  • Placing ice on your nose during the week following the operation to prevent swelling

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our doctors are at your disposal to accompany you throughout the process.


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How does it work?

Do you want to perform cosmetic surgery in Turkey? Your beauty journey takes place in 5 stages, with a single point of contact in your language:

Step 1

You contact us via our website.

Step 2

We plan a first telephone appointment to inform you of the process of the stay, the intervention and the payment.

Step 3

You will receive an email containing a structured brochure on the planned intervention, accommodation and our company.

Step 4

Planning a second telephone appointment to book the stay.

Step 5

Once you arrive, you will be received by an English-speaking person who will accompany you throughout your stay.


Details of our offer

We organize your entire stay to guarantee you a trip in the best conditions and without complications. You will benefit from personalized support in your language throughout your stay.

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We advise you to consult our surgeon, who is best person to answer this question. Thanks to our advanced tests and analyses, we can determine whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty in Turkey.

Some patients have experience a slight change in their voice after the rhinoplasty.