Beard transplant in Turkey & Switzerland

Beard transplants in Turkey have become increasingly common in recent years. This technical procedure consists of taking hair follicles from the donor area, then implanting / grafting them onto the area to be densified such as the cheeks, chin or upper lip. This cosmetic surgery technique will help you if you have a sparse beard, a poorly defined mustache, if you wish to camouflage scars or burns. Thanks to the know-how of our beard implant experts, you will get the beard of your dreams in just a few days. Sublime Clinic can help you with your beard transplant project in Turkey, as well as in Switzerland.

Duration of the intervention
2 hours
Between 6 and 12 months after the intervention
après une greffe de barbe en turquie

The advantages of beard transplantation in Turkey

Beard transplantation in Turkey is the risk-free solution for proudly sporting a dense, well-shaped beard. This procedure is designed, for example, for beardless men, for people wishing to thicken a sparse beard or camouflage acne scars. This process of harvesting and then implanting allows us to densify the cheeks, chin and upper lip. Beard transplantation by DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) has many advantages:

  • Leaves no visible scars on the donor area or beard
  • Quick and painless method, before, during and after the operation
  • Natural and permanent result

Do you want to get a beard transplant and find a full beard with all its seductive potential? Our clinic in Turkey guarantees you high quality services at very reasonable prices.

Indeed, our expert beard transplant doctors put all their experience and know-how to accompany you throughout the process. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to obtain more information.


How is a beard transplant performed?

Beard transplantation is a risk-free operation for the patient. The DHI method, performed with a DHI implantation pen, is considered the most advanced in beard transplantation. Here are the steps of a DHI beard transplant:

  1. Realization of a diagnosis and drawing of the implantation area: in order to determine the donor area and the recipient area according to the nature and density of your hair and the area to be grafted.
  2. Surgical graft: this involves extracting grafts from the donor area and then implanting them in the recipient area. This delicate task will be done with great precision, in order to give the desired direction to each implant.
  3. Maintenance after the beard transplant: It is important to properly maintain your beard after a DHI transplant and to respect a strict post-operative protocol. Our doctors prescribe creams to help healing. In addition, it will be necessary to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for some time and to favor a healthy diet.
pilosité au menton avec des implants de barbe
implant de moustache en turquie

How is a mustache transplant performed?

Just like beard transplantation, mustache transplantation is becoming more and more common among men. Indeed, the lack of a mustache has a direct effect on the aesthetics of a male face. Thanks to the DHI technique, you will be able to obtain a thicker and more uniform mustache.

Thus, a mustache transplant takes place almost the same way as a hair or beard transplant:

  1. Diagnosis: to determine the hair removal area, study the nature, orientation and distribution of the hairs and discuss your wishes.
  2. Hair extraction: this is performed under local anesthesia. The hair taken is usually located just above the neck.
  3. Hair implantation: The grafts are implanted on the areas that have been predefined. Our experts intervene with the greatest delicacy so as not to leave marks on the face.
  4. Care after the operation: You will have to follow a strict protocol in order to ensure the best results and obtain the mustache that corresponds to your wishes.

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How does it work?

Do you want to perform cosmetic surgery in Turkey? Your beauty journey takes place in 5 stages, with a single point of contact in your language:

Step 1

You contact us via our website.

Step 2

We plan a first telephone appointment to inform you of the process of the stay, the intervention and the payment.

Step 3

You will receive an email containing a structured brochure on the planned intervention, accommodation and our company.

Step 4

Planning a second telephone appointment to book the stay.

Step 5

Once you arrive, you will be received by an English-speaking person who will accompany you throughout your stay.


Details of our offer

We organize your entire stay to guarantee you a trip in the best conditions and without complications. You will benefit from personalized support in your language throughout your stay.

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The first contact will be made by telephone in order to open your medical file with a revision to get a first diagnosis with your doctor.

In addition to assisting you with your beard transplant, we can also help you :

Hair transplant
This operation involves removing each bulb from the donor area, then implanting each graft in the area to be densified.

Eye surgery
Laser eye surgery in Turkey enables you to see clearly without having to wear glasses.

We strongly advise against drinking alcohol after beard transplant surgery, at least for the first 10 days following the operation.