Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey 

Don’t let facial deformities or injuries affect your appearance and self-esteem. Maxillofacial surgery at Sublime Specialist Clinic can help restore normal function and sensation. We follow various techniques to reconstruct the facial features and tissues. 

How Maxillofacial surgery procedures Work?

Our specialists have extensive training and experience to ensure personalized treatment based on your condition and situation.  
The approach depends on the type and purpose of the surgery. Before the surgery, our specialist will examine the oral and facial structure of the patient. It is followed by discussing goals and risks of the surgery. 
The procedure includes the use of various techniques to access or reconstruct the bones or tissues of the moth, jaw or face. The procedure can last for a few hours depending on the complexity of the procedure. After the surgery, the patient will stay in the hospitals for 2 to 4 days and receive care at the surgical site. 
If you are considering maxillofacial surgery in Switzerland, Qatar, France, Germany, Spain; Sublime Specialist Clinic is the right option for you. Our highly skilled surgeons, advanced equipment and reasonable prices, enable us to provide the care you deserve.  
Sublime Specialist Clinic is committed to providing you with the best jaw surgery experience at the cheapest price. 

Benefits of Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery includes procedure to correct defects, injuries, and diseases of the face, jaws, and neck. It is a complex procedure performed by qualified surgeons. The surgery is performed to repair injuries, remove tumors, move teeth, correct the position of jaws, and improve the appearance of the face.   

  • Improve the function and appearance of your jaws. 
  • Relive pain and discomfort in mouth, face or head. 
  • Restore normal space of the jaws and face after an injury or diseases.  
  • Create bone or gum support for dental implant. 
  • Treat tumors or injections of the face and jaw. 
  • Overcome difficulty in functions such as chewing or breathing. 

Why Choose Sublime Specialist Clinic for Maxillofacial surgery?

Highly Skilled Surgeons: Our team includes experienced Maxillofacial surgeons from around the world. These surgeons have years of experience in the procedure to provide the highest quality outcome. 

Advanced Technology: Our Clinics are equipped with the latest technology available in the area of maxillofacial procedures. This state-of-the-art equipment and techniques ensure the best possible outcomes for a variety of procedures.  

Reasonable Price: The cost of jaw surgery in Turkey is much lower compared to other European countries. This makes Sublime Specialist Clinic an excellent choice for patients looking for affordable treatment without compromise with their health.  

Excellent Aftercare: We ensure excellent care for patients after surgical treatment. This includes personalized care dedicated to helping patients recover faster and smoothly. 

Our clinics in Istanbul and Turkey specialize in Maxillofacial surgery procedures to fix jaw misalignments and injuries to treat conditions related to teeth, face, and laws. Sublime Specialist Clinic offers several benefits such as qualified surgeons, advanced equipment, and affordable treatment.